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about phenogrid

phenoGRID was founded in 2005 as a virtual organisation dedicated to developing the phenomenological tools necessary to interpret the events produced by the LHC.

The UK members of phenoGRID are fully involved in the phenomenology of the LHC, and are playing a significant role in the organisation and execution of international activities such as the Les Houches and the CERN Monte Carlo workshops. The IPPP organises several workshops annually dedicated to the phenomenology of the LHC. The UK also plays a leading role in European Networks such as MCnet, QCDnet, Physics at Colliders etc.

All UK phenomenologists are welcome to join phenogrid.

In addition to developing vital codes like HERWIG, it should be possible to attack varied problems ranging from numerical calculations of multiloop processes, automated one-loop computations and studies of the SUSY vacuum and parameter spaces.