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How do I...

... get started as a user?

To start using the LHC Computing Grid as a member of PhenoGrid, you will need to get three things sorted out:

  • A personal Grid user certificate.
  • Registration with the PhenoGrid virtual organisation (VO).
  • Access to a Grid user interface.

These three steps are described in more detail.

... submit a job?

The Quick User Guide for Submitting Jobs is a good starting point for command line submission.

Alternatively, a nicer frontend is provided by the Ganga tool.

You can also look at the Herwig++ job submission instructions for an example.
Otherwise, you can find what you need in the LCG2 User Scenario and in chapter 6 of the LCG2 User Guide.

... configure my site for pheno?

Configuration information for grid site admins. Phenogrid users can ignore this.

... use Grid file storage?

On your UI account, set these environment variables:

  LFC_HOST=`lcg-infosites --vo pheno lfc`

After that you can use many Grid equivalents of POSIX file system commands, such as

  $ lfc-mkdir /grid/pheno/my-own-test
  $ lfc-ls /grid/pheno
  $ lfc-rm -r /grid/pheno/my-own-test

All commands and short examples for saving / retrieving files can be found from page 15 onwards in this talk by T.Calanducci: The LFC File catalog.

For your work, create a directory named after your login and set LFC_HOME to that. Please note that by default anyone in the pheno VO can modify your files.

... ask more questions?

Send an email to David Grellscheid.